Gorge Walking


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Price: £40 per person
Group bookings please enquire.
Time duration: 3 hours
Location: Variable
Ratio: 1:6
Difficulty rating [2]


Course Content:

What is gorge walking?
The activity of gorge walking involves adventure, exploration, and discovery as you
overcome challenging boulders and sweeping becks throughout the gorge. An exploration
through beautiful and natural rock formations and the discovery of the magnificent natural
features within the gorge

What is involved in gorge walking with CJB training and adventure?
upon meeting at the designated meet point, the instructor will go through the safety
elements. Such as PPE (helmets/wetsuits and buoyancy aids). once ready, we will take the
short drive to the gorge walking site (car sharing is recommended due to the limited parking
at the gorge walking site). We will spend approximately three hours in the gorge. The gorge
walking does involves optional jumps into pools and climbing a waterfall.
What we provide:
We provide all technical equipment including helmets, Wetsuits, buoyancy aids and helmets.
You will be given a wetsuit (if suitable), Buoyancy aid and a helmet. Plus a fully qualified
instructor will be with the group at all times..

What do you need to bring with you?
 All you will need is medication during the activity.
 The location of the gorge walk has limited parking. And has no facilities such as
toilets or changing rooms.
 Big towel
 Change of clothes
 Spare footwear
 All participants need to wear closed toe shoes such as trainers, no wellies or crocs.


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