We provide the following activities


Explore wide open spaces in a canoe, either solo or with a companion.


Get closer to the water in a kayak, feel every ripple on the waters edge.

Gorge walking

The activity of gorge walking involves adventure, exploration, and discovery as you overcome challenging boulders and sweeping becks throughout the gorge. An exploration through beautiful and natural rock formations and the discovery of the magnificent natural features within the gorge

Hill walking

Learn to explore the hills and valleys of the great outdoors on our navigation courses or join us on an action packed adventure with our experienced guides.


Join us on a treasure hunt to find all the orienteering points. Enjoy the thrill of the hunt. .

Navigation courses (lowland and mountain)

Teaching participants how to read map using compasses and the landscape as a whole. The instructor will follow a syllabus of what to teach during the course.


Learn how to light a fire, cook bread and s'mores and to build a shelter. .

Stand Up Paddle boarding

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is an activity that allows you to explore the waterways either sitting or standing.

Raft building

Raft Building is a brilliant activity that everyone can have a go at. The challenge is to build a raft, float it and paddle it around a course. The key aim is to build a raft that can carry the whole team across a body of water without falling apart.

Rock Climbing

Conquer your fears on the climbing wall, either inside or out, the choice is yours.


Explore the mountain tops of the countryside. Face cliffs, scramble up ridges and see the wonders of the mountains.

Guided hikes

A guided hiking tour is the perfect way to experience a hike. You can let your guide handle the harder aspects of the hike, and you can just enjoy all the beauty that the hike has to offer.

Team building

Enjoy a series of team tasks that helps to develop team spirits and allows leaders to shine through.

Axe throwing

a contest of skill and accuracy. Develop your skills of axe throwing and have it where you want, with our mobile axe throwing range. We have sets of Ravens (small axes) for beginners and knives for people with more skill.

Health and Safety

For each activity, we ensure the following is in place.

All participants have completed a consent form.

Read and understood the terms and conditions.

Have suitable safety equipment for the proposed activity.

That the activity has been professionally risk assessed.

The instructor has the correct qualifications in place for the activity.


Before participants attend an event, they must complete a consent form. If the participant fails to complete a consent form, CJB Training and Adventure has the right to refuse the participation.


The instructor must ensure the conditions are safe and suitable for the group, this will include looking at two weather reports. Further, the instructor must carry the following and the ‘leader’ of the group: Group shelter and mountain leader first aid kit.

CJB Training and Adventure will supply personal protective equipment where essential, such as helmets or harnesses, walking boots, and waterproof clothing will not be provided.

The activity will begin with an initial safety brief, this allows the instructor to cite the dangers, interests, and plans for the activity. This will include asking the participants for information about uncited medical conditions anyone has ‘not disclosed’ on the consent forms.

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